Daftar Pustaka

Anonim .5 Macam Penyakit Akibat Pencemaran Partikel Debu di udarahttp://www.smallcrab.com/kesehatan/520-5-macam-penyakit-akibat-pencemaran-partikel-debu-di-udara diakses pada18 Oktober 2012 23:35 WIB

Hamilton, Lesley,et.al. 2010. Literacy and Essential Skills in Industrial Arts BLACKSMITH COURSE. Ontario, Canada: Literacy Ontario Central South

Ivan Sujatmoko. 2011. Pande Besi Alias Blacksmith. Diunduh pada tanggal 11 Oktober 2012 pukul 13.35, dari http://htn-alatpertanian.blogspot.com/2011/02/pande-besi-alias-blacksmith.html




J. W. H. Silvester. 2007. Blacksmithing (Technical Brief). United Kingdom: Practical Action, The Schumacher Centre For Technology & Developement

Kamilati, Nurul. 2009. Chemistry (for yunior high school year vii). Jakarta: Yudhistira


Paul. G. Hewwit, et al. 2006. Conceptual Integrated Science. San Fransisco: Pearson Addison Wisley

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